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For the Love of Geography

Year: Always - Genre: Personal - Publisher: For the love of Geography

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Bali Indonesia As a child I harboured a deep interest in geography, I was attracted to all that concern the Earth, its beauty, the countries and cultures and traditions of the various populations.

My dream was to become an expert geographer, to blaze new trails, to describe and narrate places, customs, details still unknown. I wanted to transfer to those around me the beauty of the world through my eyes, as now it happens in my photos, where when I capture an image, in reality, I immortalize a feeling, a detail, a unique atmosphere, a precious moment of life and the place where I am.

And I remember that in the library of my house, immersed in my fantasies, my favorite readings were about the deserts, the mountains, the monuments, the tribes and all that would take me with the imagination close to other realities, in distant lands, people and cultures that inhabited the Earth where at that age only the books and my imagination could explore. And this is why, when I grew up, I decided to make travelling, my dream of life, to explore the world and to describe through my books all the wonderful emotions that evoke the places I visit.

Image: The temple Pura Besakih in Bali, Indonesia

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