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The book that I have not written yet

Year: 2013 - Genre: Personal - Publisher: Biography

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The book that...4This is a desire that I have been cultivating for some time, but still, expect to mature inside me. To write a travel book, you should visit the place of your interest, to deepen your knowledge, to talk with local people and to observe around you with such attention so that your senses are keener.

Every time that I write, I look at the books in the library at home, that I have collected on my various travels, and a strange thought comes to my mind: To travel around the world without moving anywhere, only with the eyes fixed on each title of every book, which is placed in such an orderly manner in my library.

It is true that a writer creates with his imagination, but it is equally true that a reader receives this fantasy and extends it.

What can elicit the title of a book?

Memories? Desires? Dreams?

My gaze shifts from one book to another, stopping for a while like a migratory bird and then continuing along this marvellous path in the library until I make the round of the world. The title of this yet to be completed book? “Without getting off the train”.

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