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The Passion for Horses

Year: Since childhood - Genre: Personal - Publisher: The passion for horses

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                               Sensitivity and pride

In the Roman countryside, where I live, I am surrounded by horses and I feel happy.  It is spectacular to watch them galloping across the lawns. The only thing to be heard in the silence of the campagna are their hoofs and, if I close my eyes, I have the feeling that a battalion of cavalry is fast approaching the house. What enchants me is the sense of freedom that they exude; the elegance of their movement; their pride; the fluidity of their bodies, from which a great energy is released.

On the other hand, the horse has an extreme sensibility which is almost the antithesis of its power, and yet the two features are perfectly harmonized in this beautiful animal. When you ride, some abrupt movements may disturb it, because what it wants is your precise and light movement and direction, so it becomes an extension of your body, an extension of you.  How fitting that the myth of the centaur comes from this union…

The horse has always been the companion of man. Wars, conquests, travels… always faithful, always ready to be driven and guided into dangerous paths or great beauties of nature.  The horse is not afraid of thunder, lightning, anything that might frighten us but instead, is startled by a passing bird, a sheet of paper that suddenly wafts in front of it.  Its sensitivity is extreme and it always notes the slightest changes around it or unexpected threats. Nature expressed its perfection in this elegant creature – simultaneously powerful and yet so delicate and gentle…

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