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While I write, I look at this panorama

Year: 2007 - Genre: Personal - Publisher: Biography

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Olgiata con neve 2010 199How can I not be inspired and write about my beloved Italy when I look at this view from the window of my library? A landscape always charming in all seasons.  Snow, rain, sunny days, nights with a full moon. Hearing the very slight noises of the Roman countryside in this magical atmosphere is an indescribably beautiful feeling. I need this serenity around me because, when I create my stories, my mind is in constant turmoil.

The inspiration sometimes comes with force, sometimes quietly, but I am always involved in a continuous dialogue with my characters so that, at the end of the day, it seems that I have talked a lot, but in reality, I have been immersed in my beautiful solitude.

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All Italy passes before my eyes, its cities, its landscapes, small events that intrigued me, Italians with their playful and cheerful temperament, their elegant way of speaking, unique in the world because of their Renaissance heritage, baroque churches, frescoes, magnificent villas, splendid palaces, everything… everything!

While I sit motionless at my desk, just looking up and contemplating this view, I resume my travels in distant lands or around this beautiful country from which I draw so many striking images…

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