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A Year in Tuscany

Year: 2014 - Genre: Travel Literature - Publisher: "AA Publishing" e-book

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History, art, gastronomy, monuments, images: these are the elements that dominate the impressions of the journey made by Barbara Athanassiadis in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  "I travel not to learn about Italy, but for my own pleasure." On the basis of these precious words of Stendhal, the author, who lives in Rome, begins her journey to paradise as she defines Tuscany.

The chapter on Excursions into the Vineyards becomes the opportunity for her to let her imagination roam free and to transport us to the unique landscape in front of her : "Even if I didn’t yet know the legends of that area, I knew that there were three major towns -Montalcino, Pienza and Montepulciano. Rising up in the hills, surrounded by a sea of vines..." 

The section entitled A Walk in Florence is an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the world of art. "The Florentines are more elegant than the Milanese, which is understandable. Having been born in one the most important cities of art in Europe, they are distinguished not only for their clothing, but for whatever they do..." 

Then the reader has a chance to make a stop at the Arnolfo restaurant and to appreciate, through the author’s own words, a culinary journey into the extraordinary cuisine of the area. "We imagine a traditional Tuscan lunch of cold meats, sliced ​​bread seasoned with olive oil, ravioli al pecorino, and pappardelle in rabbit stew, all flavored with herbs and cheese and washed down with a glass of the famous Vin Santo...” writes Barbara Athanassiadis.

The travel story, written from the heart, transpires the fact that the author has studied not only the peculiarities of this region, its traditions, art, history, but also the hidden details of  daily life in Tuscany. Through the pages of the book the reader will find a rich harvest of information on the Etruscans, Arezzo, the people of the villages, Siena,  Maria Luisa - the last of the Medici, but also on Chianti.

Translated by Evelyn Mourelatos

The e-book A Year in Tuscany, illustrated with colour images, is also published in Itlaian and Greek.

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