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Bookshops in Tuscany

Year: 2013 - Genre: Travel Literature - Publisher: Borgia S.r.L., Rome

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Libreria Senese 4

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       A Year in Tuscany

      An excerpt from the book

... I liked these surprises.  The Mona Lisa was not what I had been thinking about at that time, but I was curious to see where she had been born.  So I went two hills further along.  Hills planted with olive trees and grape vines.  It was a typical Renaissance villa, with severe architectural lines, and looked more ready to hide than to draw the attention.  The strange thing was, as I approached it, I felt it became even more remote as it was immersed in silence, with its bare façade and expressionless windows.  There may have been flowers in some garden, but I couldn’t get any nearer because it was private property and, like others of its type, you could only visit it if you had permission. I do not know if the mentality of a person is reflected in the architecture of their homes, but the Tuscans resemble theirs.  They are economical in expression and do not like to show off.  If you try to shine in a discussion, the only thing you will encounter, as Jean Giono, the French writer, used to say, is to see them close themselves off behind a wall that is three metres thick, and which has no opening except for five metres underground.

As I looked at the villa, I kept thinking how many stories it must have to tell me, stories I would never learn.  Like the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa, who continues to maintain her enigmatic silence.  She was not the only one.  I imagined there must be quite a few in Tuscany...

Where to find the Italian edition of the book A Year in Tuscany:

Siena: Libreria Senese,  via di Città 62/66  tel: +39 0577 280845

Antinori nel Chianti Classico: Bargino, San Casciano Val di Pesa

Montepulciano: Caffè Poliziano tel: +39 0578 758615

Bagno Vignoni (Val d’Orcia): Libreria LibrOrcia  tel: +39 0577 888996

Trequanda (Petroio): Carraia di Franco Bardi

Book Trailer video: 

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