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Bookshops in Venice

Year: 2015 - Genre: Travel Literature - Publisher: Kalligrafos

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An excerpt from the book

… This is my Venice.  No one can take it from me, and no one tries.  Its images are always within me; the sounds; the light.  Every year I long to see it again, and every autumn I come in the season when the morning mist wraps itself around the city, enclosing it in its mysterious atmosphere.  I walk in the maze of roads for days on end and, over time, these walks have matured within me and encapsulated the beauty of the place.

I do not understand why some Italians don’t see the city in the same light.  That which we foreigners find magical is just ordinary for them, problematic, and even indifferent.  In the past, they were envious of the city.  “So, the Venetians want to found a monarchy and even claim the fortunes of ancient Rome," Pope Pius II used to say when the city was threatening the West with its proud lion, painted with one leg over the water and the other stepping on land, just a little outside of Milan.

The Venetians no longer threaten us, but they remain optimistic.  At least, that’s the impression they give.  They do not accept criticism of what is wrong with their city and, if you dare insinuate anything about their abnormal way of life, they will leave you cold with one of their looks.  Naturally, their local products are the absolute best; Venetian art is completely unique; their thousand-year-old history is beyond compare, and the Grand Canal the most beautiful street in the world.

Where to find the English edition of the book in Venice:

Libreria La Toletta, Dorsoduro 1213, tel. +39 041 52 32 034

Libreria Cafoscarina, Dorsoduro 3259, tel. +39 041 24 04 802

Libreria Studium, San Marco  337, tel. +39 041 52 22 382

Qshop of the Fondazione Querini-Stampalia, Campo Santa Maria Formosa, tel. +39 041 27 11 487

Libreria Acqua Alta, Calle Longa S.M. Formosa 5176, Castello, tel. +39 041 2960841

Book Trailer video: 

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