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Feeling ROME

Year: 2014 - Genre: Travel Literature - Publisher: "AA Publishing" Books

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 ROME Feeling EN 210 print FrCvr 8 sm 1Visiting a city and then describing it is very different than living it, breathing in the atmosphere, enjoying its surprises, discovering its details and recounting its hidden personality in an engaging and passionate way. In Feeling ROME Barbara Athanassiadis does just that: she introduces us to Rome, the Eternal City, albeit contemplating it from a different perspective, one that is more humane but also more penetrating, revealing the secrets of the particular way of life of the Romans, masterfully balanced between their glorious past and a bright and promising present.

At the same time, she delicately touches upon the monuments, palaces, fountains, piazzas and shops of this fascinating city, breathing in the ineffable aura of the "dolce vita" of fashion and art. The author takes readers by the hand on a revealing walk, inviting even the most fanatical admirers of this city to fall in love again, as if it was the first time!

«... As I walked through the gate of the Piazza del Popolo, in front of me I saw the square, dominated by the twin churches and the high obelisk, marking the top of the three streets opening like a fan ahead, leading to as many squares with stairs in marble and baroque palaces. Two hundred years before, that same imposing gate had been crossed by Goethe, who, finding himself in the presence of such a spectacle, a prelude to the wonders of the Eternal City, opened his arms and said, "Now I begin to live!”

Translated by Evelyn Mourelatos

A must-read book for any true traveller

The eBook Feeling ROME, illustrated with colour images, is also published in Italian and Greek.

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