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INDIA and my Persian garden

Year: 2016 - Genre: Travel Literature - Publisher: "AA Publishing" Book

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India and my Persian garden English 2 small 3

         A journey into my soul

“I felt I was breathing an India of another time… 

an entire symphony of luminous diamonds,

sapphires of the deepest blue,

rubies the colour of pigeon’s blood,

pink pearls and sea-green emeralds,

   most of which were set in gold…

like in the tales of A Thousand and One Nights”

The Jewel in the Crown of England in the 19th century, today India spreads its shine on the Globe. A feast of colours, landscapes and works of Art; a mosaic of ideas and people that bear the stamp of its ageless wisdom. Everything in superlatives in the Indian world, seen through the alteration of contrasts:  another order, both subversive and charming to the gaze of the traveller.

Translated by Evelyn Mourelatos

A must-read book for any true traveller

The e-book INDIA and my Persian garden, illustrated with colour images, is also published in French, Italian and Greek.

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