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Year: 2014 - Genre: TRAVEL LITERATURE - Publisher: "AA Publishing" E-Book

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It is from here that the journey into My World of Great Beauties begins.

Having lived in Italy for 25 years, a tender smile etches itself upon my lips.  “Just a smile?” you may find yourself asking.  Yes, but that smile is the result of thousands of images that have remained vibrantly alive in my memory, as if the quarter century that has passed was only yesterday.  The smile also happens to best express the extreme sentimentality which, from within the three books of my trilogy, takes on the semblance of a light and airy dance.

In Italy, beyond anything else, the senses dance, and it is the most sensual dance in the world.  The theatricality of the Roman Baroque is in harmony with the curt steps of Tuscany and the fragile grace of Venice.  And the people are full of movement as well.  The Romans swirl crazily about in arches, the Tuscans, completely aligned and bringing back a sense of order, while the Venetians confer their own charming mystical note.  

It is true that God graced Italy with an abundance of Beauty, and if its expression is best defined with four elements: nature, colour, harmony and elegance, then as charmed as I was at encountering them, I set out to share this experience with you.  If each book is a reflection of the fantasy of its creator, it is also a reflection of the fantasy of its readers.

In order to follow me on my intimate Grand Tour of Italy, I have selected for your enjoyment one chapter from each of my books:

FEELING ROME  “At the stairs of the Trinità dei Monti”


MY VENICE  “The Winged Lion”

Bon voyage!   

The e-book ITALY illustrated with colour images, is also published in Italian.

It is available on:

Amazon Kindle:

YouTube The Italian Trilogy video:







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