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An Art Exhibition in Patmos, Greece

Published on 25/07/18 in Events

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Τέχνη Αrt Patmos

All of Patmos town that was asleep in the morning would gather at night for the exhibition of Tέχνη Art Patmos. Languages most spoken and heard were English and French, followed by German and Italian. The monastic atmosphere of the morning would be lost in these cosmopolitan gatherings. At the Patmos Aktis Hotel, in Grikos bay, and at the opening night of the exhibition, I had the feeling that I was in a completely different world.

A very important part in this was played by the hotel's minimalist design and decor.  Everything was a pure, stark white, and your eye followed it everywhere. My dear friend, Mina Kordalis, who had dived into Patmos life with all her heart, had taken the exhibition under her personal wing and had elegantly displayed the works of twelve different artists, while one of her own sculptures, Light and Metal Lefkothea, greeted us in the lobby, standing over the ornamental pool.

All the common spaces in the hotel had been turned into a viewing gallery and each work had been meticulously chosen. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and we would slide effortlessly from one language to another. Champagne would make us slightly giddy, and the chocolate mousse offered literally melted on the tongue. Barbara Hoffmann and Till Sterzenbach, the protagonists behind the Τέχνη Art Patmos Society, introduced me to all these lovers of Patmos. It was like I had found myself at a vernissage in Zurich or Paris or Milan, the only difference being that when I looked out at the night, beyond the verandahs, the moon sent its silver light to the sea to illuminate the sailboats that were peacefully anchored in the bay... An excerpt from the book GREECE, The Dance of the Seas

The eBook GREECE, The Dance of the Seas, illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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Patmos through my camera's "eye" video:

The Greek publication of the book ΕΛΛΑΔΑ, Ο Χορός των Θαλασσών is available on:

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