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Circolo Italo-Britannico in Venice

Published on 24/04/16 in Events

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Circolo Italo Britannico Venezia

Presentation of the book MY VENICE 

Invited to the Circolo Italo-Britannico in Venice, I presented the book My Venice in an unusual way. Rather than talk about the beauties of Venice, which the audience knew extremely well, I talked about the beauties of Greece and Constantinople. The members of the club, English and lovers of the Serenissima, showed great interest in seeing the photos of the fortresses left by the Venetians on the islands of the Aegean Sea or the Ottoman palaces of Istanbul on the shores of the Bosporus combined with pictures of the palazzi of the noble-merchants on the Grand Canal.

Circolo Italo Britannico Venezia 2It was a singular presentation because in the book I convey the colours of the East due to my cultural background.

The figure of Lord Byron is a typical example. Sir Henry, the hero of the book, because of his English descent, brings him in his mind dressed à l'occidentale, while I spontaneously bring his image dressed à l'orientale. Lord Byron loved Venice, but more deeply loved the East, and especially Greece, where he died. 





The eBook My Venice, illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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