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Presentation of the book A YEAR IN TUSCANY

Published on 06/11/15 in Events

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My book A Year in Tuscany was presented at the "Barrino" in a charming medieval village, Montisi, in southern Tuscany during a delicious dinner organized by the owner, Gianluca Monaci. I have no words to thank Gianluca who welcomed me with such kindness. For the occasion, he prepared a delicious menu, entirely inspired by the local cuisine, with appetizers, homemade pasta...  that we enjoyed with great pleasure. During dinner I expressed the excitement I felt in returning to Tuscany, having been, once more, completely captivated by the beauty of the landscape. Nature, jagged by olive trees and cypresses, typical of the d'Orcia valley, arrested my gaze and immediately set me dreaming.

The "Barrino" in Montisi is known as the Navel of the World because it gathers the Italian and foreign residents of the area of Trequanda. In fact, right here in this tiny village, located in the province of Siena, lives a vibrant community of English and Americans, in love with the countryside. They are artists, intellectuals, musicians, and its medieval castle, which dominates the village's uppermost point, is the home of the Piccola Accademia, inspired by Bruce Kennedy and dedicated to the art of the harpsichord in the 21st century. 

The eBook A Year in Tuscany, illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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