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The book GREECE, The Dance of the Seas

Published on 10/07/18 in Events

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                                                                                                                                                           A cordial presentation in Athens

On Monday, June 4th, my new travel literature book was presented at the historic villa of the Greek writer George Drosinis in the beautiful verdant suburb of Kifissia, north of Athens.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly. How could it not be? The speakers were friends of old, great lovers of letters and culture and the three of us formed a delightful trio on the panel.

I felt great emotion when Eugene Pierris unfolded briefly my course as a travel writer which I had undertaken step by step, effortlessly, by merely accepting the challenges of life. This graceful and conscious motion is reflected in the book GREECE, The Dance of the Seas where, as I sail from one island to another, I made Eugene, an author himself, slide into the pages and masterfully present them, a brilliant speaker that he is.

Then Evita Baltas carried on the thread of the talk with the sensibility and sensuousness of the poet, highlighting the poetic side of the writing style of the book and read some excerpts to reveal the magic of the islands and the seas of Greece which, to us Greeks, are the gift of our gods, as she mentioned.

I had only to thank my good friends for their fine words, which all three of us delivered to our audience with a joyous and cordial spirit.

The truth is that the backdrop of our talk was Greece with its unique beauty and its lofty past, to inspire us to dance on its seas with their delightful breezes which providentially are an inseparable part of ourselves, since the day of our birth. 

The eBook GREECE, The Dance of the Seas, illustrated with colour images, is available on: 

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The Greek publication of the book, ΕΛΛΑΔΑ, Ο Χορός των Θαλασσών, is available on: 

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Read the description of the book in Greek:

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