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The Presentation of the book MY VENICE in Athens

Published on 19/02/14 in Events

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My Venice in Athens











                          At the ARGO Art Gallery

With great emotion, My Venice was presented in Athens, during the Carnival period, on a cold but radiant winter afternoon. The elegant atmosphere of the Argo Gallery had been specially chosen because the paintings of Maria Xagorari, exhibited there, had impressed me with their style. The strength of her colours and her delicate brushwork are in perfect harmony with the splendid colours of Venetian painting, which I prefer to contemplate amongst the fogs and vapours of the lagoon of Venice, which partially obstruct the sun and allow me to dwell on the details and nuances of the frescoes.  Certainly, I missed Venice during the event, being there would have felt safer, but holding my book and signing it for my readers, I had the feeling of being wrapped by the aura of this amazingly beautiful city that so often resembles a dream. 

The eBook My Venice. illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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