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Venidces strongholds on the Aegean 2

City Palace Jaipur 2

The City Palace of Jaipur

All pink with arched passages and delicate designs

The City Palace of Udaipur 3

The City Palace of Udaipur, India

One of the largest palace complexes in the world

Towards the Basilica of Saint Peter

Towards the basilica of Saint Peter, Rome

Reaching the depths of the Earth

3 Santorini 3

Santorini, a sunny welcome

Cruising on the Meditarrenean sea

rajasthan photography 13

Indian Farmwomen

with a regal bearing, Rajasthan, India


Dubrovnik, Dalmatian Coast

Looking at a perfect post card

Berlino 2


The Magnificence of the Style

Bahia 4 6

Salvador di Bahia, Brazil

Exotism and feelings

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