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Deauville, Normandy, France

Published on 25/04/18 in In travel

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Deauville Les Planches 3

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hôtel Normandie

The weather is never like I dream when I go to Normandy in September. On my arrival, there is always a splendid sun and I say to myself with a smile: “Oh, what a beautiful extension of my summer holidays in the Mediterranean! I will have a walk on the Planches at the beach and I will breathe the fresh air which blows in from the infinite Atlantic.” But the Atlantic doesn’t share these same thoughts with me. When I enter the Hôtel Normandie, I leave my luggage, change my shoes, go to the beach (a dream to walk) and, right away, a strong storm welcomes me to Les Planches!

Deauville Les Planches 4








There is no other hotel where I have spent so much time in its lobby, sitting in an armchair. And I enjoy it so much! The lobby armchairs are all occupied by people of the American Cinema Festival. I listen to English mixed with French from all the professions of showbiz. How many aspirations from young professionals; how much advice from well-established directors and producers; how many confessions from aspiring actresses and, even more fun, how much gossip!

Deauville Normandy2Hours and hours of talk! As I listen, I wonder in a world unknown to me, but a fascinating one. Sitting between the plants, I don’t use my expert eye of a traveller, but my untrained ears, so the words come and go like fluttering butterflies. The charm of those hours of rain… how many pages could be filled with such a beautiful story!


Images: The Hôtel Normandie

              Les Planches in Deauville

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