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Excursions into the Vineyards

Published on 02/02/17 in In travel

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Time to go! So, after siesta, we would get in the car to begin our excursions. It is truly a pleasure to drive in southern Tuscany, which looks like it comes out of a fairy tale. I didn’t know the tales of the region yet, but I learned that there were three main cities:  Montalcino, Pienza and Montepulciano. They were on the tops of hills and around them spread out the vineyards. They were the first vineyards we encountered as the colours of the land changed before our eyes. It was like crossing a golden-green carpet, only that we could not see it from above because no sooner would we dive into one slope than we would ascend another. My husband enjoyed it, but I used to get car sick and, fortunately, was kept busy observing the surroundings. I believe there are beautiful landscapes, more beautiful landscapes, and a third category –those that are incomparably unique. That’s where I placed the location we were looking at now, which in Italian is called le crete senesi, and which is located south of Siena... An excerpt from the book: A Year in Tuscany

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