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Hydra, Greece

Published on 16/08/18 in In travel

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                                                               Hydra, an island of painters

In Hydra, in the Saronic Gulf not far from Athens, I always sleep on the boat, lulled by the sounds of the picturesque harbour, which is always very lively. There is an intense traffic of sailing boats, yachts, people walking, and a very nice come-and-go of donkeys, the only means of local transport. All this renders the island wonderful. As the boat approaches from the sea, the image is spectacular. At the foot of the promontory down at the harbour, the city's winding, cobbled streets are somehow punishing to the feet – donkeys are only meant to carry goods or luggage, not people, so the route has to be made on foot.

26a Hydra 2

The houses, built of stone, are of an imposing and austere architecture. Once the sumptuous residences of ship-owners, these constructions also served as a showcase of the wealth that earned those magnates a certain degree of autonomy during Ottoman rule. At that time the ladies of Hydra were dressed in a very elegant manner, mixing European and local style. Nowadays, the protagonists here are the artists. Painters from all over the world have made a favourite dwelling of Hydra, actually making it one of the most frequently depicted islands in Greece. Nothing remotely resembling a glitzy who’s who parade here: life flows on in a simple and authentic way, inspired by the humbleness of the environment. There is really no other way: between the incomparable azure of the Greek sea and the sober grey-stone mansions, below a sky of immaculate blue, beauty in its most pure and unadorned form is something few can resist.

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