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                                                           The most romantic bridge in Paris

I knew Paris, with my eyes, closed, even before visiting it. In fact, as a child, my private French tutor would often create maps of the city using forks, knives, spoons and dishes to depict the streets and squares, and my brothers and I used to watch, spellbound. So, when I went to Paris, I was immediately familiar with the city. Now the city means to me long walks where I can immerse myself in my own thoughts, enraptured by its atmosphere, the graceful ambience of the buildings all around, the bistros with their grace and the life of its boulevards -- so very charmingly Parisian! The City of Lights symbolizes elegance, "les usages" and the art of living and, over the years, it has enriched me with a charm that is always renewed, more pervasively each time.

This photo is, for me, one of the most romantic bridges of Paris (viewed from the Pont Neuf in the Faubourg Saint-Germain). And winter is the season that I prefer because it is the period when the branches of the trees are bare and my gaze can roam freely around the stunning views of the Île de la Cité.

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