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Safari in Kenya

Published on 26/06/14 in In travel

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                                                                       Safari in Kenya

I woke up at 5:45 and at 6:30 we left for the morning safari. I like the sunrise at Amboseli. Fortunately, I was not sleepy, so I could photograph elephants, gazelles, buffalo, zebras and baboons. I never imagined how interesting the life of animals was. Locals are the best people to describe it. Steve, who belongs to the Kikuyu tribe, continuously explains to me the story of every animal we meet.  

In front of us, there is a herd of seven elephants. To satisfy us, Paul, our driver, moves in closer and an elephant throws its trunk on the jeep.

Safari in Kenya 2This move has surprised my mother, who with a clear ‘oh!’ falls back on the seat, and simultaneously Paul moves behind. Why did this happen? Because two of the elephants are very small. The mother elephant is very aggressive and protective of her children.

Did you know that elephants mourn for two days! when one of the group dies and the mother elephant seven days for her baby. They live to almost ninety years of age and, when a member dies, they do a lap around and bury it with tree branches. Giraffes and elephants have something in common: they walk in the same way. At each step, they move the forelimb and back leg simultaneously. Fallen trees in Amboseli are the work of elephants! Going forward, Paul brakes again. What has happened? In front of us, a giraffe is killed. A tremendous spectacle! 

Safari 4Going ahead again we scared some zebras. This gives us the opportunity to admire their beautiful running, but we end up face to face with the huge, lazy buffaloes. There are about ten of them and some little, white birds are resting on their backs. The fear with buffaloes? They must not see you get out of the jeep and move because otherwise, they will exterminate you. These gentlemen are the only ones in the animal kingdom that know when their prey has been killed. They are not satisfied merely to injure you, they want to kill you completely. How greedy!

The image on the left: Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya


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