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Santorini, a sunny welcome

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Santorini, A Sunny Welcome

Cruising on the Ocean Majesty

It all began early on a Sunday morning in mid-September.

At 09:00, the Ocean Majesty would be arriving at Santorini, having crossed the Aegean from the Turkish coast; I myself would be arriving at the same time, having crossed the skies from Athens. Flying over the Aegean, as the sun sends its rays sideways from the East, while Aeolus is still asleep, granting you the smoothest flight, and Poseidon embraces you in tranquility, welcoming you in calm, clear waters around the island, feels like Zeus himself has ordered the other Gods to be kind and not shake you up, this early in the morning.

Being Greek, I love the Olympian Gods; but I loved even more the management of the Ocean Majesty for ensuring my smooth transfer from the small airport of the island to the cruise ship without having to worry about my luggage, especially since I didn’t know how to get there.

“We shall be taking care of everything”, I was informed by e-mail, after I had kindly requested to board at Santorini instead of Venice, as I normally ought to have done in order to take the Dalmatian Coast cruise.

It was a wonderful opportunity for a non-stop voyage in the seas that Venetian galleys crossed on their way to the Eastern Mediterranean only to return to the Serenissima. From the Aegean Sea, to the Ionian Sea, on to the Adriatic and finally to our wonderful entrance in Venice.

My mind’s virtual embrace by the city that once ruled over Santorini, was followed by the tangible embrace of the Ocean Majesty’s management, who had sent the chauffeur to pick me up from the airport. After driving uphill and downhill through half the island, we arrived at a remote port. When we arrived, the chauffeur said politely:

“I will drop you off here and a ladza will be along soon to pick you up.”

2 Aegean Sea Santorini The word fluttered in my mind, and I would hardly understand its meaning, for I wasn’t familiar with nautical terms. He realized I was baffled and reassured me by telling me that at the dock, I would be met by a young girl, Aphrodite, who would escort me to the small port below the town of Fira. The girl’s name sounded like yet another heavenly omen for a most comfortable transfer. So, I suspected that the ladza was a type of tender boat -one of the many smaller boats used in Santorini every day, for the transfer of passengers from the ship to the island and back- that would help me get onboard the cruise ship, without having to take the cable car with all my luggage.

Upon arriving at the small port, opposite the spectacular Caldera, the traffic was heavy. Tender boats from the two huge cruise ships that had anchored in open waters and resembled Miami buildings, were sailing back and forth, carrying passengers who were then lining up patiently to get on the cable car that would carry them up to the town. There must have been several thousands of them, considering that three to four thousand had disembarked from each cruise ship. Naturally, they were all happy, well rested and eager to enjoy the beauty of the famous island.

I was staring at them, kind of dazed, all the time making sure not to lose sight of the young, blonde Aphrodite, while behind us followed a porter carrying my luggage, loudly greeting all his acquaintances, feeling right at home. We hadn’t covered more than thirty meters when a local, tall gentleman walked towards us, welcoming me to the island. Aphrodite said goodbye, as for myself, after walking with him a few meters further, I stopped to wait for the next tender. I momentarily lost sight of him only to hear his voice behind me saying:

“Mrs. A. has arrived… She is coming aboard.”

An excerpt from the book: Cruising on the Ocean Majesty.

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