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Strolling in Beacon Hill

Published on 20/01/15 in In travel

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Strolling in Beacon Hill Executive Mansion3

Strolling in Beacon Hill

As for the brick buildings, Boston has so many, and it is a pleasure to walk amongst them because it is so pleasant to view their order and uniformity, all located on a perfect grid of streets lined with trees that offer shady greenery, and lampposts that provide a touch of elegance.  I forgot about the museums and just walked around, enjoying the city, finding myself very appreciative of its architectural design. 

There did come a time though when my gaze longed for something to surprise it, and I found that in a small square in the area around beautiful Beacon Hill.  It came to me that many such small squares were repeated at just about every intersection, to my left and to my right.  Finally, it all became prettily boring, and I didn’t know who to blame it on: maybe the Local Authorities, who with their rigid rules had restricted architects from expressing any kind of originality?  

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Quite suddenly, the Doges of Venice came to mind, even though Venice was thousands of miles away and was just a small dot on my horizon, somewhere in the depths of the Adriatic. I firmly believe that, if it were up to the Serenissima and it wasn’t afraid of sinking, and if the Great Council hadn’t been there to enforce restrictions on the merchants as to how to show their city off, tonnes of white stone from Istria would have reached the lagoon itself in order to build the pala.  

This did happen in the Renaissance and Baroque period, but that isn’t what I want to discuss as, at that instant, I was focusing on the brick constructions and trying to understand why a line of gothic palaces, the one adjoined to the other, very much in line with the concept of order and repetition and with motifs belonging to the same architectural family, like arched windows, doors and balconies, did not cause me to feel as bored as... An excerpt from the book: My Venice

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