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The Villa I Tatti

Published on 10/04/14 in In travel

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Villa i tatti giardino allitaliana 05                                                   The residence of Bernard Berenson in Tuscany

Have you ever wondered how, at the beginning of the 19th century, so many wonderful works of art reached the United States and became part of the wealthiest collections in the world, while their owners had no great knowledge of their acquisitions?  We are talking of an age when there were not that many scientific means at one’s disposal to determine whether something was real or not, unlike today.  Who could ensure for them that a Madonna, for example, had really been painted by Filippo Lippi (Florentine painter, 1405-1469), since artists did not sign their paintings in the early days of the Renaissance?

Bernard Berenson3So who convinced the Americans to turn their gaze to the earliest artists of the Renaissance and start collecting them, without having to worry about being cheated?  That would be Bernard Berenson.  His signature was his guarantee. And he himself was one of a kind.  He used to say that his faith in his work made him send the most beautiful paintings back to the United States and that he received his greatest satisfaction seeing them arrive there correctly attributed to the artists who painted them.  Under his instruction, the most important private collections in the world took shape, and we can now admire them in American museums... An excerpt from the book: A Year in Tuscany


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