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Published on 23/08/18 in In travel

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Venezia onirica2










                           A city that looks like a dream

This photo of Venice is emblematic for me. I took it one morning from St Mark's Bell Tower, enchanted by the light casting silver streaks on the lagoon. The island of San Giorgio Grande seemed to emerge from the water, gondolas gave the impression of little touches of blue emerging from the brush of a painter, and the winged lion on top of the column on the Piazzetta looked like a toy to give to a child. The fragility of the city was extended in full in front of my eyes. Only the Doge’s Palace gave me a feeling of substance, and this is really the feature that amazes me most about Venetian architecture. I love looking at it from all angles and each time I am struck by the beauty and genius that had the Venetians design buildings in an "upside down" style, unique in its genre. The more massive part rests on the slender columns of the loggia similar to a fine lace, offering passers-by, a wonderful play of delicacy and grandeur at the same time. When I walk in Venice I often ask myself: "Am I really seeing all this or is it just a dream?"

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