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Approaching Venice

Published on 20/11/13 in Reading

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Venice Ocean Majesty3






     Venice seen from the deck of the Ocean Majesty

My tale from the cruise

Whoever is not Venetian dreams the city. And anyone who is its lover dreams it more.

I belong to the latter group. So when the cruise ship Ocean Majesty approached the lagoon, the Captain invited me to the bridge to watch our entry into the Serenissima. The sun had just risen and a rosy colour spread around us while we crossed over so slowly, so quietly, immersed in a dreamy atmosphere.  

Beauty was unfolding at its own gentle pace and, as the elegant, classic vessel floated past, the first green tiny islands began to appear as a forerunner of the spectacle that awaited us. Enchanted I looked around me and I felt my heart flutter when the first familiar noises of the lagoon began to break the silence. It was all sorts of boats with their characteristic rumbling which, from the bridge, looked like marionettes.

Venice 1 4








It was the most beautiful spectacle on Earth and everyone on the Ocean Majesty was looking to see. And Venice offered it to us, as it had its visitors for centuries. It’s the only way to truly feel its uniqueness and, as I looked up at the top deck, I saw the passengers to contemplating the view like children, as if someone was telling them a tale which they could see unfold before them.

All spellbound and speechless, we let the Queen of the Seas talk to us. From its Arsenal, that we had just passed, the Doge's Palace with its lace-like facade, Saint Mark’s Basilica at the back of the Piazzetta, the Marciana Library with its Renaissance architecture and finally the entrance of the Grand Canal with the palazzi of its noble-merchants that seemed to emerge from the water while the heavy baroque-style Church della Salute on the opposite side towered impressively behind the sharp shape of the Dogana da Mar (old Customs building).

Venice 2 4

We passed by these famous monuments of Art so slowly and so silently in the rosy hue of that early morning, leaving the dream of this miracle-city to unfold before us until the Ocean Majesty moored at the dock.

It was a sublime gift that Venice gave to us as it passed before our eyes.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

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