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Hotel Danieli in Venice

Published on 23/01/18 in Reading

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Enchanted with its majestic staircase

After the vaporetto had left me on the pier of San Zaccaria, and not knowing where I would find some strength, I entered the Danieli to have a cup of tea and warm up.  Cocooning deeply into a plush armchair, I took the cushion from the armchair next to me and held it tightly.  It was plump and comforting.

I felt at home at the Danieli because I had stayed several times in the past.  It’s a beautiful, gothic palazzo, and I remember how enchanted I was with its gold-gilt staircase when I first saw it.  I don’t think there’s a more beautiful staircase in the entire world, just like there’s no more beautiful palace on the water than the Ca’ d’Oro on the Grand Canal, which had also been golden at one time.

Danieli 5










At one end of the living room sat an American couple having a quiet conversation, so I sat next to the fireplace, which was twice as tall as I was and decorated with intricate carvings that reached all the way up to the ceiling.  Without thinking, I sunk my fingers deep into the cushion and my eyes were fixed onto the staircase.  I have never felt so mixed up inside.

My mood hadn’t changed an hour later when I left the hotel, but at least now I was warm… An excerpt from the book MY VENICE

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