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Melancholy and Cheerfulness in Venice

Published on 23/10/13 in Reading

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The Minuet by Giandomenico Tiepolo4

Melancholy and cheerfulness in Venice

Speak to a true Venetian of the past and not of the lacy windows you see on your walks and you have won him over.

"...And that is when Venice started to dance with us in a swarm of delicate colours:  with skirts that were fuller at the sides, tight silk stockings and shoes with the characteristic, large buckle, tricorn hats and white wigs tied at the back with a black bow. In other words, all of the Venetian elegance more or less adapted to a frenetic lifestyle, where anonymity was enjoyed behind the silk and lace masks.  This anonymity allowed them to live out their craziest desires, even when entire fortunes were being lost at the gambling table at the Ridotto. 

But Venice was falling, and it was falling quite dramatically.  Desiring to give a grand finale, it orchestrated all its talents, looking towards Europe with a cynical glance, with the music of Vivaldi, the theatre of Goldoni and the goings-on of the libertine Casanova.  No city had ever been so glorified by its painters and with so much devotion in the final stages of its glamour." An excerpt from the book: My Venice

Image: The Minuet by Giandomenico Tiepolo

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