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The Charm of the Hellenistic World

Published on 12/02/14 in Reading

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All the cities of antiquity in the Near and Middle East attract me because I see in them as a part of my Greece, and the paradox is that so many sites of the Hellenistic world are largely beyond the borders of my country. I have visited almost all and I have been haunted by their charm.

What I have discovered is that besides the apparent similarities among their theatres, temples, Agoras and stadiums, I perceived something unique and different in each of these magnificent cities. Not only is it the sites in which they are located, be it scenic, mountainous with snow-capped peaks and even desert to give me this charming impression, but there are the people who have lived there before the establishment of the Hellenistic world who, following their traditions, influenced in one or another way its architectural style.

Image: Ephesus in Asia Minor

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