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Cultural Society Arezzo Città del Vasari

Published on 23/02/18 in Reviews

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Arezzo Città del Vasari"I really enjoyed the book by Barbara Athanassiadis A Year in Tuscany and, on April 20, I promoted the presentation in the spectacular Serra Events of the Ca de Frati, in the enchanting countryside of Arezzo. The presentation was attended by the journalist Michele Taddei, while Carmela Sutera Sardo read excerpts from the book. Barbara and her two guests were wonderful in rendering the spirit of the book, revealing with subtle irony and compelling anecdotes those pages that are most intriguing. And the Tuscan audience could not but help but appreciate this tribute to their land. It was a great success."

Giulia Ambrosio, cultural organizer

The e-book A Year in Tuscany, illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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