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Chiara Anguissola d Altoè

Published on 15/04/14 in Reviews

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Tuscany EN print frcover 7 sm 3A literary Mediterranean star, Barbara Athanassiadis, a well-known writer in her native Greece, has arrived in the Tyrrhenian lands of Italy. We joyfully greet her first book penned in Italy:  Α Year in Tuscany in a tale that takes us back to the time of the Grand Tour where the traveller took the time to savour his thoughts mixed with the rhythm and colour of human goals. Where the answer to touristic superficiality is the love of sharing and respect for the "other" culture.

Barbara travels "slow" and, during her stays, she writes her novels diving into the everyday life of the people she meets, becoming part of the micro-story. Her stories are only a breath from being real. If we think that everything has been written about this stunning Tuscan earth and humanity, wrong! The point of view of our curious, sunny Athenian is yet to be discovered ... the reading is fluid and tense until the end!

Chiara Anguissola d’Altoè

The eBook A Year in Tuscany, illustrated with colour images, is available on:

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