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Comment on the book "My Venice"

Published on 24/02/18 in Reviews

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72 Danieli

Barbara Athanassiadis' "MY VENICE" is a small gem of a book.  A clever combination between a story and a travel book, it lures the reader through the floating, glittering and legendary city of Venice. The book succeeds in capturing its audience by its unconventional, romantic story while, at the same time, perfectly conveying the ambience of the world's most alluring city. Navigating expertly and simultaneously through the misty canals and the intriguing romance, Barbara Athanassiadis helps us evolve towards becoming "sentimental travellers" rather than just visitors, of the glittering city.

She takes us by the hand, and dancingly guides us, light-footed and smiling, among the meandering waterways, helping us discover the beauty of the "inner" city. Through her, we wander off the beaten track, in places rarely visited by tourists, as well as gliding through the ethereal canals among the magnificent delicate palazzi and the famous spots of the Laguna. The Serenissima and it's evocative mystery, seen through the penetrating eyes of a very gifted and eloquent travel writer, becomes part of our inner selves, in the most intimate way.
MY VENICE is a splendid, multi-layered and exclusive  "guide extraordinaire", an absolute must-read for both armchair and actual travellers.

Zoe Niarchos, Art Historian, BA (Hons), MA (Hons), MPhil

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