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Review on A Year in Tuscany

Published on 19/02/18 in Reviews

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Tuscany 2

                                            Exuberant and passionate read

                                  Highly recommend it

I have just begun reading Barbara Athanassiadis' book A Year in Tuscany. And it is the next best thing to being there. She shares so vividly her thoughts, feelings and daily experiences that the line to reality is blurred and we are immersed in a sumptuous world of the senses which to me embodies the totality of travelling in Italy. She puts into words what I can only see and feel and photograph but seem at a loss to describe.

It so completes my experience of my beloved Tuscany that it is a treasure to find. I do not rush the reading, waiting until I can sit and have time to savour it like a deliciously warm cup of tea. I let the images flood my mind and memories and feel as if I have taken the trip with her. I look forward to finishing this book as well as reading the others she has written. Her passion for history, landscape and art will draw you in and leave you refreshed. If you love travelling in Italy or just dream of it, this book is for you.

A great read.

Marguerite Smith, Reader

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