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Review on MY VENICE

Published on 05/01/17 in Reviews

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69 Venice Gondola2Attentive to the Venetian glances of Barbara Athanassiadis’ book, I realized an emotional escalation, as the author is quite literal with her title: MY VENICE. This is indeed her own Venice, with the meaning not so much of her subjective glance or the focus on what selectively charms her, but in the particular way she sees things, looking towards the view of many sights, and not really seeing them. 

She wanders amongst her favourite places and drags my gaze to colours and sensations without guiding it.  Just as charmingly, she approximates aspects of everyday life in her extra-literary life, calmly, with a nonchalance and always with a smile. Just as spontaneously, and naturally, she unfolds the myth in which she dresses her wanderings. 

Motives, thoughts, quests, reactions of her heroes, occur nearly as obviously... By reading her book, we follow the confessional narration of a friend, where the intimacy of her voice is entrusted to our ears. 

Helen Kritikas, Book Critic

The book My Venice, illustrated with colour images, is available on:Venice EN 220 FrCvr 6 copy small13

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