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Published on 05/10/15 in Reviews

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Comment on Rome 3


                                          An intimate portrait of the Eternal City

Barbara Athanassiadis seems set to introduce her Greek audience to the hidden treasures of neighbouring Italy, which has been her home for the past few years. This year she published Feeling ROME, the second instalment of a travel trilogy on Italy. This time, Barbara is writing about the city she calls home, and her intimacy with the historic metropolis shows: She writes about aspects of the city that are unknown to the casual traveller –the city’s suburbs or portraits of its people, for example. This is not a book just for those who dream about visiting Rome. It will benefit even more those that have already visited the Eternal City. As the author writes: “It is one thing to observe a city in order to describe it, and an entirely another thing to live it, breathe it, discover it, enjoy it”.

This sense of discovery and enjoyment permeates Athanassiadis’ book.

Image: The Palazzo Altieri

The eBook Feeling ROME, illustrated in colour images, is available on:

ROME Feeling EN 210 print FrCvr 8 sm 3

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