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Zoe Kyriakou comments on "My Venice"

Published on 02/10/16 in Reviews

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93 Venice godonla2Through the narration of Barbara Athanassiadis I discovered in fact that Venice is inside her, hence the title: MY VENICE. While our friendship has bonded us for years, I was truly touched by her book. It's as if she has taken me by the hand and together we stroll this fairytale town; either when the fog envelops it, or when the pink colour of its sunset embraces it.  Barbara's spontaneous and mature descriptions have spurred my curiosity to such an extent that I feel a strong desire to actually go to Venice and see the places that have inspired her. I consider myself lucky when I fall upon such a book.  The narrative makes me travel and look at places I have heard about countless times in a fresh and novel way ... all while I sit comfortably in my armchair.

Zoe Kyriakou, Radio Producer “Easy 97,2”. Athens





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